Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Satsugai Books & Note on Soy'B Sales

Since Over the Silver Moon is a crafting blog -- it'd be best that our second books and goods home should be placed in another blog instead. So welcome to S-Books, Satsugai Books; second hand books and goods managed by us.

If you have visited Over the Moon Booth A06 at Soy'B Cosplay Event today, thank you very much for your kind attention and purchases if you have made some.

We do have artbooks left as well as posters from various Japanese doujinshi-ka as well as Japanese dating games. Just a note that we do not really sell main-stream items and most of our goods are unique and OOAK.

In time, more books and listings will be up in S-books blog as well as ebay listings may be provided.

Till then, thank you once more, dear customers!

- Catherine